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France is a country where yacht charter dreams become reality. The yacht charter destination of France offers you limitless yacht charter fun, all in a sophisticated ambience surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful landscape. And is the ultimate luxury Yacht Charter destination.

As a yacht charter meeting point of the rich and famous, the Cote d'Azur scores high with a deep blue sea, Mediterranean flair, exquisite boutiques, famous nightclubs and a huge selection of restaurants of the highest quality. Even the most demanding gourmet will not be left disappointed with a luxury yacht charter in France and all the culinary delights it has to offer.

The yacht charter destination of France offers a variety rarely seen anywhere else. Contempory, Luxury and breathtaking in every way.

From secluded bays, lively beaches, charming villages and far reaching lavender fields to modern and thriving metropolis, France offers it all to the yacht charter crews. In France you will find  an unrivalled maritime infrastructure, but at times also the most expensive yacht charter marinas in Europe.

While the European jet set drops anchor along the world famous Cote d'Azur, those looking for more seclusion during their yacht charter in France will find it on the neighbouring island, the dream destination of Corsica. Corsica enchants yacht charter clients year on year with its wild beauty and its own authentic charm. Steep rocky cliffs and unspoilt sandy beaches fascinate the yacht charter crew with its wild romantic beauty.

Be it a yacht charter along the busy Cote d'Azur or the relaxation and peacefulness of Corsica, the seclusion of your yacht combined with fresh seafood and a chilled bottle of Rose, you will no doubt enjoy a yacht charter in France.



The geographical location of Italy ranks it one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by the Ionian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as the Adriatic, Italy is a luxury yacht charter destination of limitless options.

Idyllic beaches, clear waters, picturesque villages, aromatic lemon groves, blooming gardens, antique cities, historical sights, impressive rock formations, volcanic landscapes, little fishing harbours, bustling towns, exclusive boutiques and the world renowned Italian cuisine offer you the perfect backdrop for your yacht charter in Italy.

Italy stands out as a yacht charter destination due to its seemingly endless coastline as well as its numerous off-shore islands.

The mild climate and the diverse natural landscape make Italy a dream yacht charter destination.

Italy counts as a first choice yacht charter destination amongst historians, nature lovers, cosmopolitans as well as gourmets.



The Iberian peninsula Spain is a perfect choice for your luxury yacht charter. Surrounded by a deep blue sea, a rugged and rocky coast, endless sandy beaches, a wild and romantic countryside and superb sailing conditions make Spain one of the most popular yacht charter destinations.

Countless sunny days with fresh breezes, well equipped yacht charter marinas, varied landscapes, nature reserves, vineyards and, above all, the Spanish joy of life are all guarantees for an unforgettable yacht charter holiday.

The yacht charter paradise of Spain offers you a large selection of well maintained and equipped yacht charter fleets.

One of the most popular yacht charter destinations in Spain are the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. These wonderful islands with secluded beaches, quaint villages, rich vegetation and a varied yacht charter options, is equally popular amongst night owls or those seeking absolute relaxation.

Another yacht charter destination in Spain is the Canaries with the islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Gomera and Gran Canaria. Due to its mild climate the Canary islands provide an all year round yacht charter season. As temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius during the winter, the Canary islands with its almost subtropical islands are a first choice yacht charter destination for sun seekers all through the year. Amidst lava beaches, simmering volcanoes and banana plantations you will experience a yacht charter with a somewhat exotic flair. 

Accompanied by a lot of sunshine, the relaxed and open attitude of the Spaniards, combined with culinary delights such as tapas and Spanish wine, your yacht charter in Spain will be a source of pure joy.



Croatia is an ideal yacht charter destination very close to most major cities in central and northern Europe. Easy access is provided by many cost effective airlines and a very diverse selection of yachts available for charter create the perfect conditions for your luxury yacht charter.

The mild Mediterranean climate, a clean and clear sea, quiet bays and lively picturesque small harbour towns attract sailors from across the globe year on year.

Croatia, with its diversity, its beautiful nature and famous thousands of islands, is most suitable for both a yacht charter with your family or with your friends. The perfect place to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery and outstanding service on a luxury yacht charter.

Starting from the coast of Istria in the North, along the group of offshore islands located off the Kvarner Bay and the Kornati islands, all the way down to the most southern tip of Dalmatia, Croatia will quite simply offer something for every sailor.

Not only the diversity of the countryside with national parks, the waterfalls and the crystal clear sea, but also the winds in Croatia create the perfect surroundings to make your yacht charter unique and unforgettable.

The Bora blowing from north-easterly direction, the warm Scirocco from the south-east, or the Maestral which reaches its peak around midday, offer you very good, if at times also challenging, sailing conditions for your yacht charter in Croatia.

Stroll along the narrow alleys of idyllic small towns with Venetian influence, enjoy the Adriatic sun on the deck of your yacht and round off your yacht charter day with a selection of fresh seafood and a chilled bottle of local wine. 



Greece is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world. 

Your yacht charter in Greece will be an unforgettable experience due to the diversity of the various sailing areas offering top sailing conditions, breathtaking landscapes, idyllic anchor bays surrounded by crystal clear and clean waters, all supported by the fabled Greek hospitality.

Start your yacht charter from Athens and benefit from cheap flight connections giving you the choice to sail two of the most famous yacht charter areas in Greece; the Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf.

The Saronic Gulf, including the popular islands of Aegina, Hydra, Spetses and Poros is a yacht charter cruising area with moderate winds, short hops and line of sight navigation.

Setting sail in the direction of the south-east, past Cape Sounion on the south-easterly tip of the Attica peninsula on the Greek mainland, you will reach one of the pearls of all yacht charter destinations anywhere, the Cyclades. The strong Meltemi is the predominant wind which blows across the Aegean sea during the months of July and August. This wind is popular amongst sporty sailors and will make your yacht charter more of a challenge.

Start your Cyclades yacht charter from Lavrion and you are only a short hop from the first island of Kea. The paradise islands of the Cyclades offer you traditional villages, varied sandy beaches, exciting nightlife and picture-postcard charm.

Besides Athens as a starting base for your yacht charter, Greece offers you numerous other starting bases for yacht charter.

The Ionian islands are the perfect cruising area for a family yacht charter. Calmer winds, short distances and endlessly long sandy beaches with a deep blue sea offer you sailing and yacht charter fun for young and old alike.

The group of islands in the north-east of Greece called the Sporades is, similar to the Ionian Sea, a perfect choice for a child friendly yacht charter. The Sporades with its white sandy beaches and anchorages surrounded by pine forests and turquoise waters are also known as the South Pacific  of Greek yacht charter.

Numerous traditional fish tavernas will invite you to end your yacht charter day with a glass  of Ouzo in a relaxed atmosphere and far away from the day to day stresses of your life.



Turkey gains in popularity year on year within the yacht charter industry.

This sailing area with perfect wind conditions along a never ending coastline offers something  for every sailor. Starting from Cesme and Kusadasi in the North, past the Bodrum peninsula which are both part of the Aegean Sea, all the way to Antalya in the south which is part of the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey will not only offer a great geographical variety but also fulfil each and every yacht charter dream.

Wide reaching bays or inlets, a crystal clear sea and most favourable wind conditions, combined with the friendliness and renowned hospitality of the locals makes Turkey a fantastic yacht charter destination.

Due to its mild Mediterranean climate, Turkey is an ideal yacht charter destination from the first days of spring until the last days of fall.

As a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey will fascinate you with its unique mixture of old traditions and the modern era. Turkey will await you with its modern yacht charter infrastructure, well organised marinas and professional service. Despite its leading modernisation of the yacht charter industry, Turkey has not lost any of its traditions, charm or authenticity. 

Those looking for solitude will thoroughly enjoy the remote small anchor bays with their romantic little wooden jetties.

Add an exotic touch to your yacht charter holiday by visiting the lively bazaars in the multi-coloured little towns, escaping into a different world. Oriental spices, silver jewellery and traditional carpets are popular souvenirs which will remind you of your Turkey yacht charter when you return home again.

Discover the multi-faceted vegetation, get enthralled by the friendliness of the locals, enjoy the deep blue sea and set sail towards the yacht charter dream destination of Turkey.